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Yang Di-Pertuan Agong ke 14: Malaysia 14th King

  السلام عليکم

1. His Majesty Sultan Mizan (of Terengganu) ended his term as Malaysian 13th King on 11th Dec 2011. And on 18 May 2012, Malaysia crowned new King. Malaysia is implementing unique elected rotational constitutional Monarchy, one of its kind in the world.

2. King of Malaysia or locally called as Yang Di-Pertuan Agong or Supreme Lord of Malaysia is an elected office among nine state monarchs. The nine monarchs form a council known as Conference of Rulers, which is the highest ruling council in the nation. They will elect one of them among them to be Federal King for five years term.

3. If any of state monarchs is elected, His Royal Highness is require to give up his state throne to take up Federal Throne. His Royal Highness will appoint a Regent or set up a Council of Recency to perform His Royal Highness constitutional duty as state monarch.
Official flag for His Majesty King of Malaysia
Official royal flag for Her Majesty the Queen of Malaysia
4. King Mizan previously appointed Council of Regency (later Representative Council of Regent) because his eldest prince, His Highness the Crown Prince Tengku Muhammad Ismail is a minor, just eight years old during the time of election. While Sultan Abdul Halim also appointed Council of Regency due to the incumbent heir, his younger brother, His Highness Crown Prince Tunku Abdul Malik is not psychically fit to be Regent.

5. To make Malaysian monarchy to be more unique, another office is created, called the Deputy King. The Deputy King will take up King's role if the King is not capable to perform His Majesty's duty as describe by the Federal Constitution. It is also an elected position. Along with the election of Sultan of Kedah as King, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan is elected as Deputy King.
Left: incumbent 14th King of Malaysia: Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah with His Majesty's predecessor (right), Sultan Mizan of Terengganu; 13th King of Malaysia.
5. Malaysia at this time, is blessed with three great King: Sultan Mizan (of Terengganu) as former King, Sultan Abdul Halim (of Kedah) the incumbent King and Sultan Muhammad V (of Kelantan) the future King.  

6. Let us inspect their royal highnesses profile one by one: 

Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin:
Malaysian 13th King (2007-2011) & 17th Sultan of Terengganu. 

7.Tuanku Mizan is a young King and the first Malaysia Sovereign to be born after Independence Day 31 Aug 1957.   HRH to me in personal point of view is a brave King, executing many actions which is rarely done among Malaysian King.
Royal Ensign (flag) Sultan of Terengganu
8.Right after 2008 General Election, HM Sultan Mizan shockingly refused reappointment of Dato' Idris Jusoh as Menteri Besar aka MB (Chief Minister) of Terengganu as advised by Prime Minister at that time, His Right Honorable Dato' Seri Abdullah Badawi. HRH instead appoint Kijal State Assembly men Dato' Mat Said as new Menteri Besar. 

9.This lead into Constitutional crisis as Prime Minister claimed HM action is unconstitutional. The Palace stating that it is HM prerogative right to appoint or refuse any candidate as Menteri Besar to HM home state. This is rare event where most of the time states monarch will follow and approve any recommendation from Prime Minister or State Chief Minister. later the same event occur in Perlis as King of Perlis also reject PM's suggestion of reappointment of Dato' Seri Shahidan Kasim.

10. Terengganu's petroleum royalty payment which suspended when party PAS won and form state government in Terengganu also returned back under HM reign. Previously Terengganu MB Mat Said threatening to sue  Federal Government if Federal fail to pay back the royalty back to the state.

11. Sultan Mizan was commonly seen residing in Palace of Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur and only driven to official palace, the Istana Negara (National Palace) for official ceremonies. This is proved by Malaysian Royal Ensign to be commonly flown at Palace of Terengganu compound and can be seen clearly from busy road of Jalan Tun Razak.

12. In 2011, Bersih 2.0 rally was organized. It is people's procession to call for free and fair election. Their intention was to walk to National Palace and hand over memorandum of 8 demand to His Majesty the King. They want Sultan Mizan to interfere using HM's prerogative power to make the election to be more transparent, fair and free. This time Sultan Mizan made an extraordinary move.

13. Bersih main leader Dato' Ambiga, a lawyer, former President of Bar Council being portrayed by Malaysian mass media, as a traitor with all bad and negative image/perception. Malaysia mass media is well known to support the government and federal ruling party which heavily call to cancel the procession. Ambiga made a request to have an audience with HM Sultan Mizan.

14. She stressed that, she want to consult the King: to proceed or not Bersih 2.0. She said she will ignored Govt call to cancel Bersih but if Sultan Mizan ordered her to stop, she will follow. Unexpected by many, even by the Government, Sultan Mizan grant Ambiga an audience in Istana Negara. This move shock the nation. The media stay speechless because their propaganda being denied badly by the King himself.

15. The decision? The King grant Ambiga permission to carry out Bersih 2.0 rally. Rally you want and rally you get. Bersih 2.0 initially declared by Federal Government as illegal and ask people to stay away from the rally and locked down the Kuala Lumpur Federal Capital to stop the rally from take place. The King's decision is a very rare extraordinary move. This is a huge slap to Federal Govt face. The govt later offering Merdeka Stadium as alternative to assemble rather than rally. But Bersih 2.o refuse because the King's permission.

16. Sultan Mizan later after the historic audience, issued a decry, publish by National Palace. The King in his decry call for peace and unity. The King is hoping that people will not stay separated and against each other badly because of politic and urge people to do politic with the spirit of democracy. Issuing a decry is also rare related to political issue is also rare in our history.

17. Personal experience: I used to meet, greet, shake and kiss HM's hand, face-to-face right after Friday prayer at Kg Baru Mosque circa 2008. Awkwardly, I was never realize the presence of Sultan Mizan there. The only moment I realize that when I walk freely into the middle of prayer hall, without any problem, where everybody seated silently and suddenly a man dressed in white Baju Melayu, that seem to be so familiar walk alone not far behind me and it was Sultan Mizan.   

18. King Sultan Mizan is the last King be crowned in Istana Negara Lama (Old National Palace) at Jalan Istana and the last King to be officially reside there before moved to Istana Negara Baru (New National Palace) at Jalan Duta. Sultan Mizan also is the only King to date which do not kiss the Keris Panjang Diraja, Long Royal Dagger, during HM coronation. Keris which is the symbol of King's Power and is carried along by the King when the King is in official royal robe. HM was just raise the Keris Panjang Diraja and put to his forehead. 

Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah:
Malaysian 5th King (1970-1975): First reign
Malaysian 14th King (2011-incumbent): Second reign
and also 27th Sultan of Kedah (1958-incumbent)

HM Yang Dipertuan Agong (King) Sultan Abdul Halim (L) and HM Permaisuri Agong (Queen) Sultanah Haminah
19. Currently Sultan Abdul Halim is the 14th King of Malaysia. HM marked new history when becoming currently the only Sultan to be elected twice to the Federal Throne as King of Malaysia. Sultan Abdul Halim also served twice as Deputy King of Malaysia and once become Regent of Malaysia when Sultan Mizan incapable to perform duty as King as HM undergone knee surgery.

20. Sultan Abdul Halim is also currently the longest Sultan to rule on State of Kedah as HM celebrated Golden Jubilee in 2008. HM in history is the forth Sultan of Kedah to rule more than 50 years with 9 Menteri Besar served under HM reign.  

21. HM first ascension to Federal Throne marked history as the end of aristocrat dominance and transition to people's government. The first PM of Malaysia is Sultan Abdul Halim very own uncle, royal prince HH Tunku Abdul Rahman step down after serving a day as PM under HM tenure. The late PM Tunku Abdul Rahman resign due to strict Malay Royal Protocol which an uncle cannot bow to his nephew even the nephew is a King. 2nd PM Tun Razak (the late) later sworn in as new PM.

22. HM first ascension also marked another new era of Malaysia. The country before that was in the state of emergency due to 13th May 1969 racial riot. The country is entering new peace and stable era with so many effort to close gap between race. Thus HM is seen as icon of unity. 
Royal Ensign: Sultan of Kedah

23. With 9 MB served under HM reign, HM also witness the fall of 50 years old long Barisan Nasional (National Front) as state government and oversee transition to PAS new state government which is previously an opposition party. 

24. Personal experience: It was once during my secondary school when the Palace issued invitation to the public at my home town, inviting the Muslim to royal banquet for breaking fasting during month of Ramadan. The banquet taken place at our local mosque however Sultan Abdul Halim do not turned out as scheduled; break fasting and pray together with locals as HM was visiting several other mosque. The Sultan only arrived after Maghrib (dusk) prayer to be with us.

25. Sultan Abdul Halim is the first King to have his coronation in newly build Istana Negara Baru (New National Palace) at Jalan Duta. 

Sultan Muhammad V:
Deputy King of Malaysia and 29th Sultan of Kelantan (2010-incumbent).

 26. His Royal Highness is previously known as Crown Prince Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra before adopting regnal title as Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan. Conference of Ruler during the election of Sultan Abdul Halim as King also voted Sultan Muhammad as Deputy King.
Royal Flag for His Royal Highness Deputy King of Malaysia

27. HRH ascension was quite controversial. HRH was Regent of Kelantan at that time in his capacity as Crown Prince. This was due to previous Sultan of Kelantan, HRH' father, Sultan Ismail Petra was incapable to perform duty as Sultan because suffered from stroke attack. 

Official Royal Ensign Sultan of Kelantan

28. Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra act as Regent for almost one year. After seeing no potential of Sultan Ismail Petra recovering, the Succession Rule in the Constitution of Sultanate of Kelantan being amend to allow Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra to be new Sultan. With majority vote form State Royal Succession Council, Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra being proclaimed new Sultan in October 2010. His father, the former Sultan Ismail Petra challenged the action in the Court.

29. Before that, the royal drama become interesting and complicated with an attempt by Tuanku Muhammad Faris Petra's younger brother, Prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra to take out Sultan Ismail Petra form Kelantan without his permission. Special Force Unit form Malaysian Royal Police intercept and stormed the royal convoy before separating the Sultan from the prince. Sultan & Queen were divert to the hospital and heavily guarded by the Police. 

30. There was an attempt, which be considered as assassination attempt on HRH where one of HRH body guard being shot dead outside on his way home. Prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra's pistol and his body guard's pistol being seized by the Police and being investigate to find any relation to the event. 

31. Enough of the royal drama.

32. I personally considered Sultan Muhammad V as a brave and unique Sultan. HRH dare to stand for his decision and standing. HRH approach is also unique as not really stressed on protocol, less using royal language and using more commoners language. HRH is widely associated with the image of wearing white plain jubah or robe, with white plain kopiah or Taqiyah and simple slippers or crock during meeting the people.Making HRH close to the people.

33. HRH also seeing to be close with Islamic religious activity when attending and organizing many religious event. HRH in many occasion become Imam for prayer, which quite rarely done by many Muslim monarch to lead the prayer in person. 

34. No personal experience with Sultan Muhammad V.

35. Sultan Muhammad V made extraordinary move when replacing 3 time chant of Daulat Tuanku or Long Live the King during his proclamation which is a protocol of royal proclamation and coronation in Malays civilization of hundreds of years. HRH change it to "Allahuakhbar" or Allah Is Great to shouted during his proclamation.  

May Your Majesty reign lead us to more developed and prosperous Malaysia 
and may Your Majesty is always under Allah guide and protection.

Daulat Tuanku!!!
Long Live the King!!!

-Duke of Black Antz-


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